Multilingual Talent

Wanted! MC, Caster, Reporter, etc.

Keizo Production is a talent agency located in Shibuya-ku. Jingumae(Harajuku).

We are looking for Japanese or foreigner that could speak bilingual, trilingual, etc.
And has interest in working as a caster, reporter, MC, narrators, etc.

※ Must need to understand Japanese.

If you have any interests, please send your Promotional materials (profile, portfolio, movie, voice demo) by e-mail or mail us.

※ Only those determined to meet our criteria and standards will be contacted. YOU WILL NOT be contacted if otherwise.

※ Please note that we will not be responding to any questions concerning the result of your application through E-mail, fax, nor telephone.

※ Profile, portfolio and sound sources may be sent e-mail, in any digital form (jpeg, mp3, wav.).

※ Please acknowledge, that we are unable to return anything sent to us (profile, portfolio, sound sources etc.). DO NOT send us anything you will be needing back.

Send your Promotional materials to:
mail address: Keizo Production Inc.
6-25-8 #309 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0001

Job Opportunities
On camera work(TV program, commercial, Film, etc.)
Voice work (MC, Narration, Voice over, etc.)
Event Jobs(Trade Fair, Festival, Party, etc.)